Women In Business Expo Group (WIBEG)

Our Mission

To support and empower business minded individuals by providing resources that develop leadership skills and enhance healthy professional and personal growth.

Our Vision

Provide a collaborative, inclusive, and inspiring environment where individuals create community, develop meaningful relationships, and positively impact economic development in our communities.

Early bird tickets: $35.00 until Feb 1st @8am, and then $50.00 until day of event.

Are you a small business owner?

We're here to support you! We collaborate, plan and execute marketing and advertising ways to help spread the word and let others know about your business. We support and empower our members to overcome barriers and grow while providing a positive environment to come and share business thoughts and ideals.

two women writing on glass panel
Carmelle Bias - Founder, Women in Business Expo Group

WIBEG - Founder

Carmelle Bias, Ceo and founder of Women In Business Expo Group, Inventor, business owner, Radio host, inspirational speaker